The Doctors of SCC

Dr. W. Gene Cretsinger

"Chiropractic is the science directed towards improving the spine and nerves for better health. Our purpose is to enhance the body's natural tendency for spinal alignment resulting in more complete function and a healthier quality of life.

Our research and quantification of spinal correction is virtually unparalleled among our peers. Our sole commitment at Spinal Corrective Center is to conduct the measured pursuit of helping people have better health with better spines."






Dr. Janet M. Cuhel

"Chiropractic is a health science emphasizing the integrity of the spine, spinal cord, and nerves to assist and maintain humanhealth potential. The Spinal Corrective Center Team assesses your general health and specifically evaluates and documents spinal areas that could benefit from improvement.  

Our patients are of all ages, from infants to adolescents through adult life. We are setting standards for correcting scoliosis and establishing improved spinal corrective values for the chiropractic profession."







Our Doctors at Work

Dr. Cuhel checks for cervical subluxation in 5 month old baby



Dr. Cretsinger checks for cervical subluxation in 7 year old child



Dr. Cretsinger utilizing a gental & specific cervical adjusting instrument for neck alignment.

Dr. Cuhel prepares to take an x-ray of the upper cervical spine.



Dr. Cuhel explains the importance of chiropractic care for infants and children.

Dr. Cretsinger performs manual decompression of the lumbar spine.


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