Anxiety and Depression

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More and more people are having a sense of anxiety or feeling depressed and it is likely triggered by the very culture of our community and the world. We live at a time with immediate exposure to the entanglements and frustrations of politics, the fears of germs and disease, the hyperbole of climate change, the absence of face to face relationships, and the weakness of faith, or even the absence of knowledge of one’s own higher power. An overload of emotions mixed with doubt, fear and negativity that compromise the brain, the body, and the mind.

Chiropractic can be very valuable in helping people to reduce the level of anxiety and depression by first, in most cases, reducing the level of pain and discomfort in their body. Frequently I do not know that a patient is experiencing anxiety or depression until they are feeling so much better physically, and then they tell me. They will say something like, “I didn’t realize that the chronic discomfort and ache in my back had so much to do with the way I was feeling. I was tired all the time, didn’t want to do anything and feeling down. Once I started getting my spine straighten out, I began to feel more positive, took walks, rode my bike and feel like going places. I was feeling depressed and didn’t admit that to myself.”

Chiropractic helps with anxiety and depression by allowing the nervous system to function better. The force in the body impulsing over the nerves creating the body and sustaining the body is life itself. That life caused the world, the sun, the universe and all things in it including all people in it. Intelligent life energy is moving through your nervous system causing you. Your role, my role, is to express that life energy. It is making you and knows how to heal you. It heals your cuts, mends your broken bones, beats your heart and gives life to every cell, tissue, organ, and regulates every system in the body. It even can fill your mind, give you hope, provide ideas and supply the intuition to fulfill your life role.

Chiropractic adjustments are for the purpose of helping the body align the spine so that the nervous system can freely function allowing life to flow naturally to all cells in the body so you can express life to its fullest each moment and let it build the next, and the next and the next. It is never ending. Most of the time just moving the bone off the nerve lights up your life.

In health,

Dr. Gene Cretsinger