Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Spinal Corrective Center, P.C. is a family practice serving people of all ages and all abilities.

Our purpose is to provide chiropractic adjustments for optimum correction of spinal alignment, which allows for the most complete neurological function and health expression.

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We believe the more you know about what we do and why we do it, the more you’ll value how we restore spinal alignment and body balance. For this reason, we offer free consultations to discuss your health and spinal concerns. Then you can decide if we are the right choice. Just call our office and ask for a consultation and we’ll work together for an appointed time.

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The most critical value of our service is the measured correction of your full spine alignment. For neck (cervical) correction we utilize NUCCA protocols to adjust the Atlas and Axis with a light force impulse instrument. For the Lumbar and Thoracic vertebra we use flexion and decompression tables that comfortably move the disc and spinal joints. With these techniques the spine can be measurably improved.

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Our doctors have over 75 collective years of training and experience working with newborns, infants and children of all ages. Whether you are looking to maintain the health of your children or have an infant/child with a chronic condition; corrective chiropractic care will allow your child to reach their innate born potential. 

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Proper nutrition is an essential component to how your nervous system will function. Our philosophy at Spinal Corrective Center, P.C. is to help our families in the area of eating good food for a healthy body. We have chosen the finest in nutritional supplementation. Nutritional support does not take the place of a healthy diet. Nutritional supplementation is also valuable to support a healthy diet in areas that our food supply is lacking.   



Get the care you need.

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